Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baby Quilt

The moment you have all been waiting for..... the revealing of the project I have been working on for a month and a half. 

Tadaaaa.......... I used the Connecticut star pattern for each block. I just changed up the colors. All the fabric came from my stash except for the purple fabric.

I made this quilt for my Sister in law Carrie and her baby Sydney. The fabric reminded me of her.

Carrie took the second picture and the last picture. I over exposed my pictures to the colors looked washed out. 

I loved working on this quilt. I paper-pieced the blocks. Paper piecing takes more time then regular quilting unless you are doing an intricate pattern. If I tried to do this same pattern without paper piecing it would have been a nightmare. This is the book I got the pattern from. I love every single pattern in this book.
I've also used the Ohio Star pattern from this book to make a table runner.

I hope I didn't make you wait too long to see the project. I am working on another project right now as well. I'm almost always working on something and completing little projects here and there but I forget to take pictures. I'll try to be better so you can all see what I'm up to. Thanks for stopping by.