Monday, January 9, 2012

Yarn Wreath

I'm sure you have all seen the awesome wreaths that are floating around on other blogs and Pinterest. I decided to try my hand at making a wreath. At first I tried to use piping insulation as the wreath base. It did not turn out. I read all the tutorials on making sure it didn't kink but it just looked funky.


See what I mean? I don't know how anyone uses that pipe insulation to make good looking wreaths. I am going to pass on the same advice my oldest sister gave me. Use a Straw wreath form. The styrofoam ones are too expensive and aren't as big as I like but the straw wreaths are cheap and a great size.

I left the straw wreath form in the plastic wrapping so it would keep it's shape better. Then I applied some quick dry glue onto a section and wrapped it. I did a few layers of yarn so the whole thing was covered. 

When I finished wrapping it I tied the end to another strand of yarn and placed a dab of glue on it to keep the knot from coming un done.

I made the flowers out of lace. I bought it in the ribbon section by the yard. I bought one yard of each kind. To make the flower I just stitched them by hand. I used a basting stitch the whole length of the ribbon. Then I pulled it tight and it gave it a nice ruffled flower effect.

The pearls are buttons. The pink pearls in the cluster are actually beads. I just hot glued them onto each flower before I put them on the wreath.

HINT* If you are using beads like I did remember to glue the part of the bead so that the hole that is used to string them together isn't showing. You can see the hole in the upper left corner of this flower. You really can't tell when it is hanging on my door. It bothers me though so I thought I would give you a heads up.

The next pictures are yellow because of the light outside my apartment. There isn't any natural light out there.

Horray! A nice wreath to replace my Christmas Wreath. I will leave this beauty up until the end of February.

Leave me a comment if you have any questions. I got all my supplies at Joanns Fabric and Crafts. Thanks for stopping by.


Mattsmom said...

It's cute!!!

Deanna said...

adorable!!! Yeah...I used the plumber's insulation stuff. It looked good for about a week. LOL!

Crafty Mischief said...

Your wreath is gorgeous! Unfortunately I haven't had good luck with insulation or pool noodles either. It seemed like such a good idea though. I found you through Blue Cricket Design. Thanks for sharing! :)

angeline said...

Great job! It looks so pretty! Have you ever been scared of any craft in your life? You're my hero! :D