Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to Clean Grout

Still busy with house stuff here.  I thought I'd let you in on some of the things I've been learning as a new homeowner.  The previous owners left a lot of trash and grunge.  One of the worst things was the tile grout.  I tried a few different products but the most effective I found was vinegar. 
  1. Microwave vinegar for 3 min in glass measuring cup
  2. Pour directly on grout in a 5ftx5ft area
  3. Let sit for five minutes
  4. Use grout brush to loosen dirt
  5. Wipe away with a damp cloth
  6. Mop area with regular floor cleaner. 


The before picture makes me cringe.  It is gross and it takes a little time to do BUT it works and it is cheap.  I like the fact that the vinegar can't hurt your cloths or pets or kids. I still have a lot of grout to clean but I'm just doing it in little patches.  

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