Friday, June 10, 2011

Fun with brads

Did you ever have a piece of fabric or paper that you loved so much you didn't want to use it? Well that is how I feel about these brads. They came in a pack with other brads that have really pretty colors and fun designs. My Mother in law sent them to me and I would get them out and look at them but never use them. They were too cool to use. I know...I'm nutz! Well I finally used some. I actually picked out the brads and then picked the paper. Usually you pick your embellishments to match the rest of your card but I did things a little backwards this time. The thanks is embossed and then I ran an ink pad over the top. Just lay the piece of cardstock flat on a surface and hold the ink pad parallel with the surface of the cardstock and gently rub back and forth and there ya go~

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