Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I am totally addicted to pinterest. I check my email every morning and then I check pinterest. And then in the evening I look through it again. I love to search for things and to pin things from all the wonderful blogs I read. Most of the things I see on pinterest and have tried are really awesome and work out great. I've tried a lot of things I've seen. There are a few things however that didn't turn out very well.

Frozen Fun

I saw this idea on pinterest from Counting Coconuts. My three year old LOVED this. I just used one of my Tupperware containers and I put a bunch of toys in it and filled it with water and put it into the freezer. I let him use my little crafting hammer and he went to town on the balcony. He broke up the entire block of ice. He asks to hammer the ice all the time now.

Here is my version with my little guy. The second time I did this for him he hammered at it for awhile and then he turned it upside down and threw it on the concrete and it broke into a bunch of smaller pieces. You should have seen how pleased with himself he was.

Thumbprint Christmas Lights Card

Isn't this adorable? The original is from Meet the Dubiens. I've already made a few of these beauties. I used ink and my three-year-old's pointer finger. I had drew the wire with colored pencil first and then had him add his prints.

Here is my version.

Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

I loved this next idea from The Moffatt Girls because we don't have any pine-cones and it was a good way to re-use something instead of throwing it away. Austin loved helping me and the birds loved it too. I tweaked it a bit and punched two holes in the toilet paper roll so I could hang it from a string since I didn't have a tree to put it on. I hung it on my balcony instead.

CAUTION!!! Your three year old might unroll all the toilet paper off a new roll to get at the cardboard roll underneath so he can make another bird feeder. Just saying... :)

Scratched DVDs

This next pinterest saved me a lot of money. The original idea came from The Handmade Dress. Almost all our DVDs that my son watches were scratched and skipped in a bunch of places. It made me so mad because DVDs aren't cheap. I tried this out and it really worked. I used oral B stages kids toothpaste but I think any kids toothpaste would work. 

Paper Pumpkin Lanterns
I just have to say right off the bat that this next pin came from one of my favorite craft blogs that I look up to and I will continue to follow and copy lots of ideas from. Little Birdie Secrets. Her version of this pin looks awesome. So awesome in fact that I attempted it myself before our church Trunk or Treat. I failed. It was not easy to do and it was not worth the effort and time. And the little lanterns looked nothing like pumpkins. I showed my husband a few and he told me I should probably re-visit the blog. Hehe thanks honey. But yes it was a disaster. I followed it exactly and used the same supplies. I consider myself crafty but this just did not work for me. If it worked for you please leave a comment to let me know so I can maybe trouble-shoot to see what I did wrong. 

I don't have a picture of my version because it was too embarrassing. 

If you like any of the ideas you see here please click on the link I provided to the original creator so you can pin it from their site. That way when someone re-pins it they will be lead back to the creator's site. 

Thanks for stopping by and...Happy Pinning.

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