Thursday, July 19, 2012

Quilter Spotlight

Today I am proud to feature the very talented quilter, Denise Gampe.  She has only been quilting for four years but you'd never know by looking at her quilts. She started out making quilted purses. Soon everyone that saw them wanted to order them.  She turned it into a little business. She has since moved on to bigger projects. She was recently featured on Clothworks Fabric's facebook page for her quilt entitled "Visions of Sugar Plums". Oh and I might have forgotten to mention...she is my Mom :)
 She made this quilt for me Christmas 2010. It had wonderful reprint vintage fabric.

 This was the quilt she made for my brother Dane and his wife Laurel. The fabric was also from a vintage line.

This is a advanced table runner she made for my sister Tiffany. I have to admit I was a tad bit jealous that it wasn't my table runner. You can see my envy in the picture.  I'm the pregnant one on the right. At the time the table runner would have been bigger than my table so it was better off being showcased on Tiffany's beautiful table. 
This is my Mom's first quilt.  She made it while she was waiting for Austin to be born and then finished it up after he was born while she was helping me be a new Mommy. The fabric line is called "He loves me, he loves me not" I wish I had better pictures of her quilts. They are all stunning. I think one of her biggest strengths as a quilter is her fabric choice.  She is very good at choosing fabrics that look good with her patterns and and blend well with the rest of the fabrics in her quilt.  She recently started using a longarm quilting machine to do the actual quilting of her quilts. That makes me especially happy because the actual quilting part of the process is my least favorite. Now I can just send them home and she will quilt them for me....right Mom?

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