Friday, April 29, 2011

Baby Sling makeover

I thought that it would be a good idea to get a sling to use for baby #2. We will be moving right after I deliver so I will need to have my hands free to get our apartment unpacked. I found a tan colored sling for $10.00 and snatched it up. I wasn't ecstatic about the color but I knew I could spruce it up.

See that red fabric under the sling? I got that in a remnant bin at Hobby Lobby and I've used it for a lot of different projects. I cut 3 inch strips of the red fabric and sewed a long line of them together. Then I changed the tension and stitched length on my sewing machine. I don't have a ruffler foot so I just ruffled my fabric by hand. Ruffling took the most amount of time. Then I sewed the ruffled strips onto my sling. It isn't amazing but I think it suits me :)

I made the ruffles different sizes on purpose. I wanted the one on the bottom to be bigger. When you put something in it it doesn't lay as flat so it looks nicer fuller.

I also didn't put a third row of ruffles on it because I didn't want ruffles in my or the baby's face. The edges of the fabric aren't finished because I am ok if it gets a frayed look for the fabric. (And I'm lazy)

Tadaa... That finished result. I think it would have been nice to take a picture with a baby in it but since mine won't be ready for another 5 weeks laying it over the balcony was my second best option.

I tried putting my 2 and a half year old in it and it was hilarious. We went to look in the mirror and we both started laughing really hard. We just looked so silly. It was easier carrying him in it but I think he is too big. I was just excited to try it out.

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Katie Kennington said...

You are so cute. I love that you have an idea and then just go do it. I have tons and tons of ideas but have gotten so used to not having the time or space or money to do any of them so I just write them all down to do "someday."

You really are an inspiration! Can't wait to see your cute little one in this awesome baby sling!