Thursday, April 21, 2011

Toodler Bow Tie

This year for Easter I really wanted to make Austin something that he could wear to church on Sunday. I won't be getting him a new Sunday outfit so I thought this was a good way to spruce up his suit. 

I read through about 6 different tutorials from craft blogs to find one I liked. I liked this bow-tie tutorial the best.  I made a few tweaks to make my bow-tie.

I added some heat-bond thin stabilizer to the back of my fabric pieces. I also cut my small fabric piece 2 x 4 inches. I tried a 2 x 2 inch peace and it didn't fit.

I would have also liked to use a serger for this project but I didn't have one available. *some day I will :)

The last thing I changed was how I put the small piece around the bow-tie. Instead of marking the material and then sewing it with the machine and then sliding it onto the tie...I just hand stitched it on. I wanted it to be nice and tight and I really like how mind turned out. 

I was going to wait to post pictures until my little guy wore it on Sunday but I couldn't wait. I love this fabric and everything I used I already had to this project came to a grand total of $0.00!

I promise I'll post more pictures of my little guy wearing his new bow-tie.

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Patty K said...

This is adorable. I love bowties on little guys.