Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Toddler Dropper Painting

Austin is three and a half now so I don't know if he can really be considered a toddler but I think toddlers would like this activity as well.  I put water and food coloring into pinch bowls and gave Austin a medicine dropper.  I only had to show him once and then he went to town.  You will need to use thick cardstock for the paper.  Construction paper and printer paper don't really work.  It is fun to just do drops or you can drop the paint on and then get close and blow to make fun patterns.

I didn't use very much water in each bowl.  It goes a long way.  I used four drops of food coloring in each bowl.  

After he finished painting I let the extra paint drip off the side of the paper onto the cookie sheet.  Then I let it dry.  It was a little wrinkly after it dried so you will want to iron it on low to smooth it out if you want to frame it. 

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