Friday, February 26, 2010

Button...button...who has the button?

 Anyone else remember that game? It may have been one of those games my Mom made up out of desperation. All of us kids would sit on the bottom stair. She would hid a button in one of her hands and if we guessed the hand that had the button we could move up a step. If we got it wrong we had to move down a step. It was a fun game, I'll have to remember that one. The button game, isn't the only thing stray buttons are good for. I love buttons! I decided to do a card inspired by buttons. I picked out a few buttons out of my button jar. Then I set them aside.

Then I took my sewing tracing wheel and pushed it into the paper and rolled it in a straight line. I used a ruler as a guide to make it easier to have a straight line. You can see it better in the picture below.

*You can also ink the tip of your tracing wheel for a more colorful effect*
I glued the buttons onto the card, stamped a sentiment and cut two pieces of corrdinating paper 1/4in smaller than the card.

Finished dimensions:
3in x 5 1/2in (It will fit in a regular small envelope)


angeline said...

That is a really cute effect. I love it!

Patty K said...

That is a smart idea.