Monday, May 23, 2011

Baby Booties

I was going to wait to post this until tomorrow but I'm too excited! I made my first real knitting project. My first project was a washcloth that I made to learn casting on and knit and purl and casting off. I wanted to make something useful with the extra yarn I had from some other projects. Here is what I came up with...

The first pair I did were the medium size. The second pair I did with the green ribbon are for my new baby. They are so tiny I can't even believe it. Austin was really excited about them so I might try and make him a pair that will fit. I just hope they don't make him slide and fall down in our tile kitchen when he wears them.

I think I am officially "hooked" on knitting :)


Julianne said... the pun. Cute little booties.

Patty K said...

This is the first time you knit? I'm impressed. The first time I knitted something (okay, I was 11 years old) it came out lumpy and dirty. I've gotten better since then.