Thursday, May 19, 2011

Toodler Blanket

Austin's grandma made him a beautiful quilt that matches the theme for his room and he loves it. We put it on his bed everyday but we needed something else for him to use at night because he kept getting the quilt dirty when he would wet the bed. He has a blanket that he really loves that he got when he was born that is too small for him now. We are letting him keep the blanket but we wanted to make something that might replace the security blanket one day :)

We went to Joanns and Austin picked out the flannel he wanted. Of course he wanted trains. He also wanted the green minke fabric. Austin even decided on a matching green satin binding. He really picked everything out.

A few friends of mine helped me sandwich and tie it and then I just sewed the satin binding on. Satin binding is really annoying to sew on. There are a few puckers here and there but like I said before this blanket is for Austin to be able to use everyday and he can have his accidents and I won't care if it gets dirty. I can just throw it in the wash.

I think he is really pleased with the results.

Austin wanted me to take a picture of his old blanket.


Carrie Snider said...

That looks so COMFY!!!

Patty K said...

Ooh, a cuddly blanket made by Mommy. Nothing better.