Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back to the Basics

I've had a few readers express that they like my posts about simple projects. I decided to make my next few projects basic crafts/cards that anyone can do. I love it when I hear that one of you has re-created one of my projects. That is part of why I have this blog. The number one reason though...is to inspire you. I want my blog to sparks your creative fire.

Ok it is a tiny bit funny that the card I am going to show you today is a winter themed card since I was just using a fire analogy :)

Behold....Winter Wishes. Hold on...I know what you may be thinking...Christmas stuff already, give me a break. I just wanted to give you an example of something you can easily replicate. For this card I used

  • white cardstock for card base
  • $1.00 stamp at Joanns
  • Colored pencils
  • Black stamp pad ($1.00 at Joanns)
  • Blue cardstock scrap and white scrap to stamp on
  • corner punch (you can easily use scissors)

Almost all the supplies I used are interchangeable and you can just substitute the supplies you have at home to create this simple, yet adorable card.  Focus on the layout and colors I used and the techniques. I rounded the corners and it looks really nice with the stamp I used. It all goes together. I also used a shading technique with colored pencils. I could make a bunch of these cards and just change the color of the snowman's accessories for a completely different look.

Piece of cake...mmm...cake.

Now get off the computer and make something!

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