Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Guest Feature: Pleated Mary Jane Tutorial

A little while back I was reading my friend Sue's blog. She always has awesome pictures of her two boys and new baby girl. She also shares fun things she does with her kids. Sue has been published multiple times in Family Fun magazine for her fun ideas.

Sue was kind enough to let me feature her on my blog. If you want to learn how to make these adorable Pleated Mary Jane baby shoes you need to check out her blog.

If only I had a little baby girl :)

And I couldn't resist sharing another photo of her little princess in her tiny shoes....so cute!!!

So hop on over to Sue's blog so you can read her full tutorial and get started on making some adorable little Mary Janes for the special little person in your life.


Susan Staus said...

Oh they are so cute! :) Thank you for sharing with your followers!!!! The first picture you posted is my favorite!

Casey Redd Kennington said...

Oh my goodness! I need to make these shoes!!! Do you think I could make some my size too?
-comment by Katie