Monday, September 12, 2011

DIY paint chip wall art

I got this idea for this project from tatertotsandjello
She used a bigger white frame with yellow paint swatches. I used three smaller frames I had in my closet. These were the frames before I did the project. I used them in my son's room but not it doesn't fit in his room.

These are the frames after I finished.

I used a 1 inch paper punch. I started at the bottom of the paper and put each row of circles on top of the one below it. I guess you could always start at the top and then just flip it over once you are done :) Either way works. You could even get a larger frame and get a lot of different colors to do a gradient look on one frame. That would look cool too. I just had a small area on the wall I wanted something for and I had everything I needed for the project so this didn't cost me anything to make. 

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