Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DIY Alphabet Magnet Board

A few months ago I found a magnetic alphabet toy at a second hand store. I was really excited because I knew Austin would love it. The excitement wore off when he started to play with it. He only played with it while I was in the kitchen so I was always having to move him out of the way so I could open the fridge. He also would push all the letters to the ground and I would step on them. The letters also spent a lot of time under the fridge. I got really frustrated and I almost just packed it up and gave it away. I'm glad I didn't because I came up with a great solution.

I took a magnet board that I already had and turned it into a place for Austin to play with his alphabet set. It is out of the way for me but keeps him close. He hasn't thrown any of them on the floor since I put them in the frame. This would look great in a playroom too. I don't have a playroom so I just put it on this wall.