Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentines Day Card

I got the idea for this card on pinterest. I tried to find the original artist. I believe THIS is the website.

Valentines Day is coming up! I love Valentines day. I know some people say that it is all commercial and you don't need a day to tell you to be romantic but I love any occasion for my husband and I to celebrate our love.

This is a square card. I ended up making a matching envelope for it. I used quick dry crafting glue for the buttons.  I also used the Sew Easy paper piercer to do the stitching on the border. 

Here is another variation of this same card.

I like the red buttons better but I didn't have enough to make another one. The buttons are from my button jar. Some of them were my Mother-in-law's and are over 20 years old. Thanks Patty!

I also have some great news. The Local shipping/office supply store will be selling my cards! I'm really excited. I made up some cards and showed them to the owner and he said he wanted to put a display on the counter. I will be figuring out a way to display them.  If you have any ideas leave me a comment.


Amie {Kitty Cats and Airplanes} said...

Wow Brielle, that's wonderful! Congrats!

Deanna said...

love it!!! It's BEAUTIFUL!!!