Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DIY: Kid paint chip game

I saw this idea on pinterest. here is the blog. It is the same place I got the idea for the Popsicle stick puzzle. There are a few more ideas on there I will be replicating. I am also planning on making some draw string bags for all these busy toddler activities so they won't get lost. Then I can just grab a bag and go out the door.

This cost me about $2.50 for everything. You will need:
  • 6 paint chips (I picked some that were about 3 inches wide with four colors on them)
  • 0600 craft glue (or tacky glue or hot glue or rubber cement would work too)
  • 24 cloths pins (I got a pack at Joanns with 24 in them. They weren't the super tiny ones but one size up)
  • paper slicer (you can use scissors)

Just cut your paint chip strip to be an inch and a half. Then you use the extra paint chip you cut off to cut 1 inch squares of each color for the clothes pins. Then I put glue on the cloths pins and stuck them to the back of the paint chips. I let them dry and it was done. It took me about 30 minutes.

***Watch out!!! I got a 24 pack of cloths pins and there were only 20 in the bag. Count them before you leave the store. It was not fun going back to Joanns for 4 cloths pins***

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Bela said...

What a cute idea!